Berlin Sleeping Car

Charter the BERLIN Sleeping Car for your next business event or once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Return to the days of deluxe rail travel on board North America’s premier BERLIN Sleeping Car.  Experience the comfort, service, fine dining and spectacular scenery as it was enjoyed during the pinnacle of luxury rail travel over fifty years ago.  Surround yourself with the rich mahogany and fine fabrics of your Stateroom as you reflect on the great historical landmarks and geological wonders of this great continent as you traverse the less-traveled routes only discovered by rail.  Join us for a journey that is as enjoyable as the final destination.

The BERLIN Sleeping Car travels by being added to Amtrak trains. The Map of Amtrak routes gives you an idea of the possible train vacation destinations that you may wish to consider when planning your itinerary. The BERLIN Sleeping Car may be chartered by a family, group of friends, corporate travel or any combination you desire. When you charter your private railcar, you create your own luxury railcar trip. You determine where you want your private railcar excursion to go - which route you want to take - and how long you wish to stay at your "train vacation destination."

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